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Rêve planétaire AN6/Planetary dream YEAR6

Solstice d’hiver/Winter solstice

Nuit du 21 au 22 décembre 2006
(et nuits du 20 au 21 et du 22 au 23)

Night of the 21st to the 22nd of December 2006
(and nights of the 20th to the 21st and the 22nd to the 23rd)

N-B. : the winter solstice will take place precisely the 22nd of december at 0 h 21 (Universel Time).

About the SOLSTICES (in french)

About the PLANETARY DREAMS (Encyclopédie Wikipedia) (in french)





Instructions to the dreamers

In order to succeed the induction of the Planetary Dream 2006, it is advised for the participants to follow the classical rules for dream incubation (volontary induction of specific dream contents) and to practice it during 3 nights. See the page :
The incubated dream


1. During the day and before going to sleep, become immersed in the call for the planetary dream and its theme.

2. Just before you fall asleep and in state of relaxation :
- Immerse yourself in the above visual support a for the induction
- Induce the dream through a clear and precise formulation such as : "this night, I will dream on a planetary scale... ".

3. When you wake up, record your dream as accurately as possible, whatever the content is.

4. Send your dreams as soon as possible (last deadline on January 6, day of the Epiphany) :

- either by email to ONIROS : [email protected]
- by postal mail : Oniros, Chitry Mont Sabot, 58190 - Neuffontaines, France.

Planetary dream composition

All the nominative dreams sent by email will be recorded on the Net to form a specific dream journal, "The dream world ", dated 21st to 23 rd of december 2006, which all the participants will be able to read on the site Oniros

N.-B. - For the credibility of the "Planetary dream", the incubated dreams must be nominative, dated, and sent with an address.

The Dream world

1. Stephane Hurth (France)

Les fontaines jaillissantes


2. Rita Hildebrandt (Etats-Unis)

Open space


3. Richard Wilkerson (Etats-Unis)

Saving the Cliffs


4. Rosalyn (Etats-Unis)

Landing field for the space shuttle


5. Roger Ripert (France)

Le sablier renversé


6. Susanna Mardiyan-Ripert (France)

Le lac Michelin


7. Océane (Ile de la Réunion)

Le chant du coq


8. Jan Ramsey-Hart (Etats-Unis)

Soul in Training


9. Tiphaine (France)

12 stèles dans le jardin


10. Delia Puiatti (Australie)

10.1 Join the festivities !

10.2 Units of an integrated whole


11. Johanne Goyette (Québec, Canada)

11.1 Confusion : l'avenir est nôtre

11.2 Les trois chandelles


12. Carole Normand (Québec, Canada)

12.1 - Flaque d'eau

12.2 - Philo 2

12.3 - Repas à payer, mandats bancaires

12.4 - A l'hôtel avec Jocelyne

12.5 - Dessin de chouette

12.6 - Je mange une orange

12.7 - Entretien du bois


13. Frank Thullen (USA)

Beginning Dream


14. Britta (USA)

14.1 Changing It All

14.2. Wives, Cars, Time, and a Cat

14.3. Not Traveling Alone


15. Catherine Vander Cammen (Grande-Bretagne)

Aractopus !



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