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Rêve planétaire/Planetary dream1990

Rêver pour la Terre/Dreaming for the Earth

Le Monde onirique/The Dream world

Solstice d’hiver/Winter solstice 1990

Nuit du 21 au 22 décembre

Night of the 21th to the 22st of december

Between 200 to 300 dreamers belonging to seven countries (United States, Mexico, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland) took part to this dream. The american, mexican and european networks worked out separately a primary synthesis of the dreams. The dreams of the european network were summarized as objectively as possible and classified in 3 categories, depending on they were expressing :

an observation ot the planetary crisis,
a desire for a change,
or an element for a solution, thema of the induction.

The final planetary dream was elaborated in form of a synthesis of the proposed solutions to the planetary crisis, susceptible to give us hope and show the way for our survival.

The general orientations

Let us love the Earth
Gaïa, the Mother-earth.
In front of her suffering,
Let us act without waiting.

Let us depollute and regenerate
earth, water and air.
On our lucidity depends
the safeguard of our planet.

Earthmen, let us unify !
Without Earth, no living.
To overcome machinism, let us learn to fly.
Instead of the uniform, let us adopt diversity.

In other words

Planetary dream 96

Planetary dream 2018

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