Active way to get in relation with our dreams, «dream incubation» is a very ancient practice that goes back to Greek antiquity. It was used in temples associated with Asklepios to cure various diseases or to get an advice and solve a problem. But a temple is not essential to practice incubation, you just have to get involved in a preparatory work and respect a few rules that come close to those of autosuggestion and creativity in general.

1. Isolation

First thing to do is to find some quiet place where you will not be disturbed or distracted from your objective of dream induction. Dream incubation is an intense form of concentration and contemplation that requires both inner and outer peace. It is possible to practice, during the day, some exercises to achieve physical relaxation and mind focus.

2. The dream’s wording

The theme or specific question should be expressed in a wording as simple as possible. A short positive sentence like, «This night I shall die and be born again», allows to focus mind on a clear aim, easy to remember and obtain. To intensify its impact, you can write down the phrase on your dream journal, and link it to an evocative picture.

3. Immersion

Taking into account the principle that dream is merely a formulation of our thoughts and concerns, it is good to get immersed in the dream incubation subject during waking state, using any material related to it (books, photos, and so on) and thinking about or pondering over the question.

4. The actual induction

At bedtime, practice if possible a physical relaxation exercise to make focus and receptivity easier. Once relaxed, think to recall the dream and mentally repeat the incubation phrase while focusing thoughts on it. Proceed with this inner programming until falling asleep.

5. Dream recollection

As ordinary dreams, keep still with eyes closed and let the dream memories come out. Revive those recollections to really engrave them in awakened memory.

6. Dream transcription

Write down the dream as accurately as possible, not thinking of its relevance to the incubation theme.

7. Dream examination

This step can take place after, and will consist in bringing out the dream's teachings in the awakened life context. As other dreams, incubated dreams have a creative dimension often masked by a veil of symbolism and condensation.


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