2. Rita Hildebrandt (Etats-Unis)


2.1. Open space

I am in this giant hall, very high ceilings and very large open floors and Jean Campbell is leading a dance/movement/exercise routine. Kind of an all goes routine:)) The people are spread around because there is so much space in this hall. I notice two old men in theirseventies in one corner. There are people of all ages in this hall. I get tired and sit down and do stretches. Don't seem to have the stamina of Jean and some of the other people in this hall. When the routine is over and Jean gets ready to leave I tell her that I was unable to continue with the dance. She does not seem concerned about this or anything else. I go looking for a small dark mattress I believe I brought with me. Can't find it and then decide maybe I left it at home. Jean is giggling and having a good time and ready to go to her new adventure. I am curious what this is and eager to join her as her enthusiasm and joy is so contagious. She gives me the name of the workshop - I can't remember it right now - it is a silly Scottish name (no doubt influenced by Ken:)) and then she tells me it is a full day workshop and I know I can't attend. We all walk out the side door.

On the street now Jean is on a handicap chair and crossing the cobblestone street. I want to help her but she declines. She says she can do it. Has a lot of persistence and drive. I watch her as she tries to go up this cement ramp and three times runs into the curb until she makes it. Then she arrives at this door and she has to get her key out of her purse and stabilize the chair. I know she can do it and make my exit through another door, to another landscape.

I am now in a landscape of open spaces in the country. I walk alone for a long time and arrive at my home in the middle of the night. It
is a night without a moon and it is pitch dark and I can't see a thing but I seem not afraid, just at peace with myself, glad to have arrived home again. I try getting in from the front door but it is so pitch dark and I can't find my key so I walk around the house and find another door that has no lock, no key, one can just push it in. I enter and there is a lot of commotion. Chip is fighting with a little hen, and a rabbit is hopping around (there is Jean again:)) and other wild animals are in the house. I shoe them out and go into the front living room where a couple of urchins are sleeping in my bed. They wake up and decide to leave. I tell them they should not besleeping in other people's homes but know they will do this anyhow. Inside the cottage I transform on the outside to look like Jean and feel myself on the inside.

The cottage is old, has earthen floors in some rooms and wood in others. There is hardly any furniture anywhere. The beds are mattresses on the earthen floor and there is a nightstand. These are sitting in front of a fireplace that is not lit. No other furniture anywhere else that I can see. There are many blankets on the bed and the boys were huddling together for warmth. I notice they hid thissculpture that I love. They tell me they did not like it. I pull it out and put it on the nightstand. It wobbles a little bit but then stabilizes. It is an abstract piece of clay, looks like a human organ with these red colored spots. Very creative handmade piece.

It is dawn now and I walk out of the front of the cottage and notice that here there is a door with a lock and open it. I look sideways and see my parents ancestral home and the land. I remember my father and his legacy and now the soil is lying fallow, nobody lives there anymore. It seems my childhood is so long ago, like an other life. I now live alone in this cottage next to my ancestral home. I am at peace with myself.

I look the other direction and the land extends and there are three structures on the land. They are all handmade and could be either temporary structures of people who own the land or homeless people. I can't tell. The structures are like tents but made with wooden poles and sheets, canvas, pillows and such. They are very primitive but functional in terms of providing warmth, protection from the elements and a cozy nest for families. I have a sense the structures have been there for quite a while and so have the people who created them.

I now am back walking on the open land going to visit somebody. It is daylight. I arrive at this gate and this beautiful young girl greets me. She is about 9 to 10 years old, dressed in a mid eastern outfit - like a belly dancer and wearing this most beautiful ring with a large orange stone. She and I know this ring has magical powers. She graciously invites me, and it seems other presences are around me now also, into the gate. I enter and her father greets me and she transforms back into an ordinary little girl. Her father shoes her away. He knows nothing of her magical powers. The little girl seems okay with it all. We are welcomed to this small farm.

In the next scene I am sitting outside with his wife who tells me his is a 19 year veteran of a war and still suffers from trauma. That she knew this when she married him and made that choice anyhow. She shows me a picture album of their life as we sit comfortablyoutdoors and the chickens peck around us. She tells me he has good days and bad days. EOD

Throughout the whole dream there is a sense of organic, natural living, with no pretensions, people just being who they are. There also seems to be no demarcation in terms of land ownership, the land accomodating everybody, there is space for us all. People move in and out of different states, the magical and the ordinary all together.

A most lovely dream where the communal and the personal coexist without any friction as we all let each other be who we are.

Rita Hildebrandt

2913 Calle Guadalajara, San Clemente, CA 92673 (USA)

Email : [email protected]

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