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Planetary dream YEAR20/Rêve planétaire AN20


Winter solstice/Solstice d’hiver

Hémisphère nord/North hemisphere

Night of the 21st to the 22 nd of December 2020
(and nights of the 20th to the 21st and the 22nd to the 23rd

Nuit du lundi 21 au mardi 22 décembre 2020
(et nuits du dimanche 20 au lundi 21 et du mardi 22 au mercredi 23)

N-B. : L'Institut de mécanique céleste et de calcul des éphémérides (IMCCE) fournit chaque année la date et l'heure exactes du solstice d'hiver.
Pour 2020, selon les observations et les calculs, le solstice d'hiver commence le lundi 21 décembre à 10 h 02 en temps universel, soit 11 h 02 heure de Paris (UTC + 1). 

See the file : SOLSTICES (in french)


Recall of the previous dreams

See WIKIPEDIA (in french)

1982 : "The Dream World"
1990 : "Dreaming for the Earth"
1996 : "The Law"
1997 : "The Gathering"
1998 : "Flying (transcendence)"
1999 : "Death and rebirth"
2000 : "The Alternative"
2001 : "Radiance"
2002 : "The Way : trusting your dreams"
2003 : "Peace : with myself and others"
2004 : "The Climate warming (Greenhouse effect)"
2005 : "The Earth cry"
2006 : "Dreaming on a planetary scale"
2007 : "Dreaming without borders and without walls"
2008 : "To bring the social before the ego"
2009 : "Back to the Dream Time and climate nightmare"
2010 : "Dreaming together"
2012 : End of one world and/or the world ?
2013 : "Dreaming freely together, respecting our differences"
2014 : "The forest : zone to defend"
2015 : "Imagine (in dreaming) : an oher world..."
2016 : "Appointment on the planet B."
2017 : "Deaming freely together"
2018 - At your choice :
"Deaming freely together"
"To survive on the earth : confront and solve the planetary nightmare"
"Appointment on the planet Onirie : Trappist1e"
2019 - At your choice :
"Deaming freely together"
"Collapsologie - Solidarity - Evasion"

The sky map



Christian Christmas holiday





Choice by default


Incubation theme chosen by the dreamer

Aboriginal painting by Edna Watson

See : Aurélia et Michaël's blog (12/1/2009)




Instructions to the dreamers


In order to succeed the induction of the Planetary Dream 2020 it is advised for the participants to follow the classical rules for dream incubation (volontary induction of specific dream contents) and to practice it during 3 nights. See the page : The incubated dream

1. During the day and before going to sleep, become immersed in the call for the planetary dream.

2. Just before you fall asleep and in state of relaxation :

- Think to recall your dreams;

- Induce your dreams through a clear and precise formulation related to your personal incubation theme

3. When you wake up, record your dream as accurately as possible, whatever the content is.

Give the dreams a title and date (specifying the time).
Indicate the incubation theme chosen, if it is the case.
Add your comments and illustrations, if possible, well separated from the crude story of the dream.

4. Send your dreams by email as soon as possible, before the 5 of January 2021, to :

[email protected]


Our dreams picture what occupies our mind. They relate to our concerns and personal worries at the time. For lack of a sufficient psychical availability, the work of incubation to introduce into our dreams an external topic of reflexion can turn out to be difficult or even inoperative : lack of recall or memories of dreams apparently without relation to the topic of incubation.

That does not matter ! As would have said the baron Pierre de Coubertin, what matters is to participate, whatever is our psychic availability at the moment and our personal competence to orientate our dreams (incubate them).

As the planetary Dream gives us the opportunity, what matters for us, « onirophiles », it is to share our dreams (our deep thoughts), whatever they are, as we share between friends our thoughts and our ideas in the waking state.


Planetary dream composition

All the nominative dreams sent by email will be recorded on the Net to form a specific dream journal, "The dream world", dated 20th to 23rd of December 2020, which all the participants will be able to read on the site Oniros

N.-B. - For the credibility of the "Planetary dream", the incubated dreams must be nominative and dated.


The Dream world

from 20th to 23rd of December 2020


Dreams related to the incubation theme


Rêve associé n° 1

Sylvie Trinquier

La fin du confinement ?


Rêve associé n° 2

Susanna Ripert

Rejet d'une vie en société masquée


Other dreams to come...