8. Judy,
Seattle area, USA

A flood coming ?

(Solstice Dreaming interrupted by a morning phone call.) Grasping the threads of the dream, I remember the following :

S1. I was in sacred ceremony with my circle sisters...
S2. I am in a rural town, wondering through a country store and cafe, contemplating the possibility of purchasing the small town business. I notice that the mood of the people in the store and around the town was one of nervousness and fear, they were talking about a flood coming. The energy and conversations of the town's people did not make sense to me because this mountain town was not in an area that would be affected by a flood.


I believe that the anticipation of a flood in my dream represents an anticipation of a global change that is coming. People fear change and things that they do not understand. I sense the change that is coming, it feels like a cleansing to me and the outcome is good, not one to be feared. I guess that is why I am willing to invest into a community and purchase a business in my dream.

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