9. Miriam Dyak,
Seattle area, USA

The lodge ceremony and the old folk song

S1. I am taking part in a sweat lodge ceremony and a fire catches inside the lodge. Normally there would be a fire outside and only hot rocks inside the lodge. There is also a huge stream running through the lodge. It’s as if it has been turned inside out and the elements have taken over. Someone wants to bring in more wood to feed the fire inside the lodge, and instead of using the door, one side of the lodge is suddenly wide open and they are bringing the wood in through this opening. It’s obvious we're not going to do a regular sweat ceremony in here, but something big is happening.

S2. A naked man riding a black horse is singing a ballad. The song sounds like an old folk song from long ago about a man who kills the son of a lord, but then it becomes obvious that this man is singing about himself and that he has killed the son. He is going to give the lord, the father, whittling lessons, but he dare not let him see his knife or he’ll see his son’s blood on it. Of course, the lord wants to see the man’s knife to see how he carved the handle. One would think the man would get caught, but instead of being caught and punished, the man is very blatant and open about what he has done. He has no pity on the lord and father and leaves him in grief. I seem to be observing, especially involved in little fine details like the carving of tiny fingers on a wooden doll. At the end I leave also. I have to cross a deep ditch where there is an animal that first looks like a black bear cub and then like a black calf. It is both curious about me and very shy so it comes close to sniff me and then snorts and jumps away.

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