7. Lynn,
Seattle area, USA

Three displays

My sense is the dream is in 3 parts and is in the shape of a Tarot reading. A school or community building with small display windows. I walk by and talk with people I know or meet in front of the windows.

First display is a kind of a jigsaw map.

Second is a 4-H sewing or fashion display. One garment is in particular focus : a woman’s summer top, held up by spaghetti straps, and the material is a brightly colored quilt, plaid arrangement of squares. The ties through the center of squares are long long red wool ties, coming out of the middle of each square. It’s a summer top made out of a winter quilt.

Third display is things made of wood, and on a sculpture stand next to the window there is a big cookie sheet and on it a very big wooden boy or man (kind of like a 3-D gingerbread man made out of wood), no eyes, VERY big ears. There is a sort of little trough gouged out all around the face. The arms are spread out and short. It’s light wood, checkerboarded as though it’s laminated. I say to a young boy : «There’s a woodworker’s shop around the corner, they are oriented to community service. They give scrap wood to make things.»

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