6. Janice Baylis,
Seal Beach, USA

Dr King’s Comforter

I had an 800 phone number but there was trouble with the line.
I was at the office of Dr King (he is my son's father-in-law).
It was Sunday evening. I was going to stay there overnight. Dr King told me that on Monday morning he would get the phone line trouble straightened out. He put his arms around me and gave me a hug. Then he gave me a comforter (a quilted blanket). I lay down on his office couch feeling calm and relaxed -- tomorrow would make it okay.

Commentaire 1

Following, Planetary Dream 97 instructions in «The Dream Tree News», vol. 2, issue 1, I thought about what I would bring to other dreamers. Of course I thought about the information in my 1997 book, Sex, Symbols & Dreams.
My interpretation of the dream :
Trouble with an 800 number - trouble getting book orders, since that is the subject of my incubation. Sex, Symbols & Dreams has bedrock information about the modus operandi of the dream-mind which is what I want to bring to humanity; empirical evidence about the science of dream analysis. Dr. King (choosen by dream-mind because of his name) = healer and authority/King will make it okay during the next time cycle -1998. This is a comforting dream.

Commentaire 2 (5/1/1998)

I am not an artist but I found two pictures that could represent my dream.

About the aboriginal painting for induction support, I did not see it. My waking state and concern were both a personal/humanity concern. My concern was and is about getting my personal research on dream-mind modus operandi to all of humanity so the planet’s people can benefit.

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