The Dream Library & Archive is closed !




Novato, August 31, 2003

Dear dream friends and colleagues,

I am writing to inform you that the era of my life in which I focused on serving the dream field is over. I feel satisfied and fulfilled. I am looking forward to enjoying life in a new era with my recently retired husband. Because my priorities have changed, I am closing the Dream Library & Archive (1990 - 2003) and am withdrawing from active participation in dream activities, associations, groups, events, projects, etc.
I collected dream books for my own use and knew that they were hard to find. Therefore, in order to serve the dream field and as a courtesy to fellow dreamers and dreamworkers, I launched the Dream Library & Archive as a personal project and labor of love.
With my husband‚s support, I made my dream materials available to the dream community by appointment in my home. It has been a pleasure to offer that service and I have met many wonderful people in doing so. In order for the Dream Library & Archive to serve as a focal point for the unfolding dream field, I networked extensively while operating it as an independent endeavor - never under the auspices of or with the sponsorship of any group, association, organization, outside business or individual. It was a privilege to me to participate in the dream field in this unique way during a very special era.
Thank you to those of you who gave dream materials to the library and a special thanks to those of you who stood by me in many ways during this endeavor.
Since I realize that this collection is a treasure, I have placed the library and archive in storage until further notice. For the duration, I do not plan to provide access to the collection nor to accept donations of materials.
I hope the Dream Library & Archive can serve as an inspiration for people to value their dream books, etc., and perhaps someday another dream library will be established. Thank you, dream friends, for such wonderful memories.

Jill Gregory

The Dream Library & Archive in Novato, California was founded in 1990 by Jill Gregory as an independent collection site for all dream materials.
Located just 25 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, California, USA, the holdings of the library include everything from rare out-of-print classics to comics, E-zines and self-published manuscripts. At the present time, there are nearly 1800 titles in single copy reference and 250 titles in duplicate copy lending.
The library includes books, audio and video tapes, theses, compact disks, blank journals, and periodicals. The Archive includes over 1600 photographs, 21 pieces of dream art, 160 dream-related products, as well as numerous articles, songs, business cards, note cards, poems, post cards, slides, resumes and flyers.

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