15. John Corbett (Lanham, USA)


Nuit du 20 au 21/12/13


15.1 - Functionality

• I am programming.
• A door is mounted in the middle of a wall. It is not open/close anything.
• I am listening to the radio.


Nuit du 21 au 22/12/13

15.2 - Relationship

• Two women in the night.
• Walking between tables in the big room.
• Time differences.


Nuit du 22 au 23/12/13

15.3 - Synthesis

• Operating systems.
• Omega.
• Invoice.




Dream slide 3 -23/12/13


Dream slide 1 - 21/12/13
Dreams slide 2 - 23/12/13
Dream slide 4 - 20/12/13
Dream slide 5 - 23/12/13

• Comparative dream slides. A dream slide is a conversion from the dream journal narrative into a graphical representation using dream information converted into technical parameters via meanings.
In the initial stage some of image graphical entities could be re-identified in the second image in a more advanced posture.

Elements from “Aboriginal painting by Edna Watson” did show in the advanced stages of 23 december dream slides.

• In the dream slide 4 sun is still visible. The predominant color is the cold blue. In the dream slide 5 the predominant color is the warm red but the the camera seems to be no longer oriented in the direction of the sun.
Most likely the picture symbolizes the string of images that were transmitted during the successful voyages that did map some of the planets surfaces.



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