5. Harry Bosma (Pays-Bas)



Elevator going underground

9 H 30 - I'm at the first floor of a house with the same floor plan as the Kropswolde home. I am cleaning up in the computer room and the tv room. I get rid of stuff that no longer has use. I make sure that the remaining useful things will be easily accessible and well organized. I'm also finalizing various administrative tasks. There are several guys helping out, mostly with cleaning. I recognize G, standing in the door opening of the tv room.

I somehow end up in an elevator in the computer room. It seems to be between the 1st and a 2nd floor, then moves down. It moves down into the ground, burying me there. The ceiling comes down, the walls come closer. I should get out of this. I stretch my arms, push through the ceiling, now just above my head. I break out, like a plant sprouting up from the earth.

Outdoors, on a wild meadow. A few people are standing together. A girl has been attacked by an insect. She wears a top with thin straps. The insect is two inches long, and trying to get under the skin of her right shoulder. She is bleeding. I've come closer, wondering why the others are not doing anything. I think I should pull it out.


This dream could have both a personal meaning and a meaning for the Planetary Dream 2005. In daytime life I'm not convinced that the Earth is crying. I suspect that Earth is doing rather well. The humans are not too happy with what Earth is doing, but that is another matter.

If I had to tell something about the man in my dream (G) who helps me with cleaning, I would say that he is the most practical person I ever met. Perhaps whatever Earth is up to, is simply a little household work.

As to the personal meaning, the first scene shows exactly what I've been doing this last year. However, this is the very first time it shows up in a dream. The second scene seems clear enough, I'm not sure at this moment what to make of the third scene. I rarely have predictive dreams, so no worries, my dreams is unlikely to predict an insect plague.

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