6. Pasquale (Pays-Bas)



Six euro meal

I'm at a table with 5 other persons. So we are with 6. The table is laid with a white cloth. I'm serving christmas dinner.

One of the people present is an eastern looking monk, but he is shaded in black and white, as opposed to the rest of the dream, which is in color.

I serve him and ask if he has enough or if he would like some more.

He responds : "Have I reached 6 euro yet ?" I look at him questionally : "I only eat for the amount of 6 euro every day, not more" "oh..."

I think : "I have never heard of this. I heard of people who don't want to eat meat, but I have never heard of people who only want to eat until a certain amount a day".


On waking up I knew this was the planetary dream. The message I got from it is : share resources of the earth. If everybody would eat for 6 euro a day, instead of too much, to expensive, etc, there will be enough for everybody.

I also was thinking that this could intitiate a new style of eating, next to vegetarians/veganists, etc, you could be a 'sharist' or something and you would only eat for a certain amount a day.

I also was pondering about the significance of the number 6 in this dream : 6 people, 6 euro. I looked up 6 in numerology:

The number 6 symbolizes the principle of nurturing, caring, and harmony. It signifies the need for stability and a solid home-base with comfort. It is the teacher, trainer, and parent. It is happiest in conventional or familiar surroundings opinionated and frugal or anxious when insecure. The 6 is rarely selfish, and may take on the burdens of others unnecessarily. It loves tradition, and is health-oriented (quoted from http://www.numerology-guide.com/numerology_number_meanings2.htm)

The role of the monk is not yet clear to me. Perhaps there are others who can share their thoughts on this one ?

Pasquale : [email protected]@xs4all.nl

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