8. Raven (Etats-Unis)



Flight of the Ikaris


Alpha Rhythmic 12 - I am with Nick Cumbo (Explora) and his wife, family over at Nick’s house.

Nick and I are working on upgrading some of our sites on the computer.

I have a laptop and Nick has a regular tower computer.

Nick is wondering if he can remember his password to a particular site and I tell him I’ll help him if he needs me to.

I am getting ready to update my Ikaris Time Share, my daily calendar when I accidentally hit the wrong button. A strange computer page comes up I have never seen before, some of it in foreign language and I make out two buttons that say “Would you like to send this page to your ancestors ?” and another “Do you wish to confirm deleting this page ?” I think “Well God! Hell no !!” but instead of grabbing the mouse I hit the return button and the page is sent to my ancestors and deleted. I am upset. What will my ancestors think of my occult leanings with the Goddess ?
Another part of me is glad this finally got out.

I realize I keep a backup copy of my Ikaris page, so its a little work and I can rebuild it, now I know I can.

Nick’s wife is having a gathering of children in the house for lunch, about 100 of them. After eating the kids have to take their plates down to the basement kitchen. I watch one child walk down the stairs with an arm-load of dishes and sure enough, he stumbles, falls and the dishes collapse.

Nick’s wife announces to the household that only Nick and she will be allowed to stay at home tonight. They wish to spend some time alone. She tells all of us that we have to leave. She tells me “This means you too Ron!” I ask why. She says “because we are having hamburger chili, just me and Nick.” I reply “Well I bought that hamburger and chili!” And she retorts with something negative like “Well you are gay and you shouldn’t even be here around these children!”

I answer “Well you’re just jealous of my abilities because of who I am !” EOD.



When I woke up I realized the woman married to Nick is Barbara, manager of the psychic line I have worked on for 8 years. My first thought is she doesn’t like me and I don’t want to work on the psychic line anymore.
The part of her not liking me was from the dream. She asks like she likes me on the phone, and I’ve had conversations with her about she’s worried about keeping her job (and I think she mismanages the line to appear indispensable).

The night of the Earth Cry incubation, Dec 21st going into Dec. 22nd, I had family crisis and only got 2 hours sleep. So I didn’t get to do the dream incubation until last night. So I went to sleep with the intent of having a dream about the Earth Cry.

Anyway Nick Cumbo (Explora) is not married. He runs Sea Life dream forum and he and I take turns doing the Moon dream projects on Sea Life and First Earth Dreaming School. I think the theme of the Earth Cry, healing the Earth and helping us evolve working with Dreams is too important to be a one-time thing, so either Nick or myself might be inspired to make it a Moon project coming up during this Yellow Cosmic Seed Dreamspell year. At least, as they say, the seeds are planted!

My Ikaris Time Share is my own calendar, which I got inspired to create after learning the Dreamspell. I am big into genealogy too, and the part about worried what my ancestors would think was cute.

I align with the Dreamspell and Natural Time, the 13 Moon Calendar Peace Movement and feel that the internet, dream schools, alternative natural time, and many New Age ideas and schools of thought are part of the Earth Cry, to make this world a better place and to help us evolve.

“Icarus – Born on Wings of Steel” is a Kansas song. It is about the myth of Ikaris and his father, who try to escape their island by building wings, and Ikaris flew too close to the Sun. I think this symbolizes me in accepting my responsibility in the coming Earth changes.



“Early in the morning sunlight
Soaring on the wings of dawn
Here I'll live and die with my wings in the sky
And I won't come down no more

Higher than a bird I'm flying
Crimson skies of ice and fire
Borne on wings of steel I have so much to feel
And I won't come down no more

Sail on, sail on, I will rise each day to meet the dawn
So high, so high
I've climbed the mountains of the sky
Without my wings you know I'd surely d ie
I found my freedom flyin' high
I've climbed the mountains of the sky

Floating on a cloud of amber
Searching for the rainbow's end
Earth so far below me,
I'm here alone, free
I can't come down no more”



"More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness; the other to total extinction.  
Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly."

Woody Allen 


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