3. Curt Hoffman (Etats-Unis)




The message about the Earth Cry dream incubation was forwarded to me by a friend. Here is an incubated dream from last night :

In a dimly-lit barroom, I am challenged to a game of cards by a young Black man. We play for yellow corn chips. At first I am doing well and winning enough chips that I can afford to eat some. But then his trainer, a husky old White man in a red plaid shirt, comes over and whispers advice to him, and I begin to lose. I am nearly out of chips when the trainer has a sudden epiphany : he sees the ghost of his trainer, dressed similarly to him. He hears the cry of the planet, and realizes that gambling does nothing to respond to that cry. He communicates this to the young man, and we stop what we're doing. We are somewhat in awe of this epiphany.


One thing I notice about this dream is that the colors - black, white, yellow, and red - are all the colors of humanity. The trainer is in plaid, which combines them. But there is an even more esoteric trainer behind the scenes who is the one who makes the planetary cry accessible.

Curt Hoffman : [email protected]

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