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Dreaming of deeper elements


I am in a car. I'm in Diamond Creek, at the bottom of a valley - a suburban roundabout where three main roads meet and rise up in all directions. I'm heading in the direction of the main street/shops (though that does not seem so significant at the time). As the car moves up the rather steep hill, I notice that it looks as though it's about to fall off the edge. I however don't seem to have the "wheel". I lean around in the backseat, hoping that my weight and energy can direct it away from the precipice. I'd rather not give my life away just yet.

Somehow it works ! I notice there's a woman in the front seat. Now she seems to have the wheel. As the car continues up the hill, the road seems to become ever longer, dangerously winding it's way up. I'm almost counting down the moments till we get till the top. As we approach the peak, I notice that the angle of ascent has lessened a little, but also that the road seems to be made of a tin-like surface (reminescent of previous dreams).

Now, I am talking to Jean Campbell from the World Dreams Peace Bridge. Perhaps she's been in the car along. We are discussing our work "dreaming for peace" - as though well in the midst of preparing to share it with a larger audience; a workshop/conference of some sort. "We're looking for ways of encouraging people to identify with deeper elements of ..." she tells me. I know she is talking about the use of our dreams to identify with deeper elements of challenging situations, elements that aren't so immediately visible to the waking mind. It sounds like an invite for us to contribute/collaborate on this project together. There is this recognition that I have much to share about the power of dreams in creating peace. A knowing that we need stories, dreams and projects just like these, so that ordinary people can understand just how real the act of "dreaming for peace" really is. That's what's being called for.



This was a very empowering dream. The opening scene seems significant - as though illustrating the challenges we face in navigating through our lives. Those moments where we feel like we're about to fall off the road and into the depths below, and that relief when we are able to continue forward. There is always "more" to these difficulties than meets the eye - dreaming helps us recognise the opportunity for growth these challenges present.

I really liked the last bit of the dream. A few years ago I started work on my website, the "Dream of Peace Network". It's grown alot since then. We've shared so many dreams and experiences at our Sea Life forum. The idea of dreaming for peace has well and truly caught on. Nevertheless, I have been thinking it would be nice to share this with a larger audience - not just those using the internet.

Having been involved with many projects with the World Dreams Peace Bridge, I see Jean Campbell not only as a good friend, but also as someone with alot of experience and wisdom in supporting and getting word out about dream projects in the wider community. Her involvement in the International Association for the Study of Dreams is just one example.

I knew immediately upon waking, that I had been successful in incubating a Planetary Dream. As I lay semi-awake in bed, I realised I still had more questions. What kind of stories would we be looking for? What were these deeper elements? I slipped into a light visionary state, where I imagined the presence of Jean, and suddenly felt her writing down words on a piece of paper. "More Radical", she spoke, "With many figures". I feel inspired by this dream sequence, and want to take action. I'm going to put out a call to the many dreamers at my forum Sea Life, and see what experiences they might have to share.

Intention : As a participant in the Planetary Dream 2005, I incubated a dream with the intention "I Hear the Cry of the Earth, and I Reply". I pictured the "cry" more as a "shout out" for help, radiating forth from deep within the core of the Earth.

I use the 13 Moon Calendar (www.tortuga.com)
Rhythmic Moon Day 10
Red Rhythmic Skywalker

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